We have services that fit your needs. You may have a small gathering and don't really require a full catering service, and may just like to have some selection of canapes Have a look at the attached menu and you can decide which items your require. Let us know your order and we can provide you with a quote.

Click the link for the Catering Menu above:- 

 Our catering service is broken down into 3 types of services:- 

For guest numbers below 35 people we can provide a collection or food drop off service. Delivery charges are applicable

For guest numbers above 35 – 50, we can provide a food drop off service or a catering service. Prices start from £10.00 per head plus staff and travel costs

For numbers above 50 please go to our catering company www.passionstreetfood.com for more information. We offer a live food catering service for vegan and vegetarian clientele.